Educational Offerings

Intro Classes

While some things will have changed, you will discover that what makes our wine appreciation classes so special—our knowledge and passion for wine—has not changed.

We will be pleased to see you in our spacious second floor Tuscan Room, with novel and in-house designed classes, that will fuel your interest in wine further.

Curated Specialty Tastings

Our team of wine experts are dedicated to creating a special experience for your group. From planning with you, to sharing their passion for wine, to ensuring your event is enjoyable and memorable, we offer an exceptional level of personal service.

The possibilities are endless; a few popular curated tastings include: focus sessions on regions, grape varieties and styles; sparkling wines; wine blending exercises (a fun competition); and bulk and boutique tastings. We will be happy to speak with you to set up a curated tasting! Please contact us at wine@ . . .


The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) provides best-in-class education and qualifications to inspire and empower the world’s wine and spirits professionals and enthusiasts. Their programs are offered in 70 countries and recognized as the international standard in wine and spirit knowledge.

A great place to start is WSET Level 1, a one-day course in the world of wine, food and wine harmony, and tasting classic wine styles.

WSET Level 1
WSET Level 2
WSET Level 3

Wine Scholars Guild

The Wine Scholar Guild programs offer the opportunity to specialize in the wines and wine regions of France, Italy and Spain. Each French Wine Scholar, Italian Wine Scholar (2 separate units) and Spanish Wine Scholar program offers in-depth classes and tastings, with examination leading to the certification.